Three Lives of Me

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I'm enjoying life.

Supporting my husband, children and those I love around me is what I do best.  I, also, love to encourage and offer advice to others when needed. Lending a listening ear. Validating the little voice inside themselves, telling them "yes, you can." 

Throughout my 38 years, I have been in a rush to discover my purpose. I've always enjoyed writing and thought one day I would be a journalist, but life took me in another direction. But, a few months back, I gathered enough courage to submit a story to the Huffington Post Divorce Blog and it was accepted. And here I am.  

I'm not sure why the timing worked out as it did, but what I've come to realize is that I've squandered many years trying to figure out something that I already knew. I was just afraid to take the step.  

Fear prohibits many of us from becoming who we're supposed to be. So this is me, facing mine and doing what I was meant to - encouraging others through my writing.