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Featured My Saturday Self-Session 05.02

My Saturday Self-Session 05.02

Energy. We all know it’s what makes the world go ‘round. It’s a powerful thing when you stop to think about it. For the most part we all use it and can’t imagine living without it. And unfortunately, more often than not, it’s taken it for granted.

My tween had a writing assignment this week. She chose to discuss the importance of having friendships and how the energy around it affected the health of it. Specifically, how positive friends with positive energy make you happier and having a friend with negative energy can bring you down. Simple concept, right?

I, for one, agree with her stance. I know that I like to have positive people around me. I get thrown out of whack when I have someone trying to infect me with their negativity. It took me a while to understand that having a larger circle didn’t mean that I had more support. It just meant I had more folks in my business.

Once I weeded out those who weren’t #teamthomasina, I felt lighter and the energy – the good energy flowed abundantly.

Which brings me to what I’ve learned this week…

  1. Good friends are good to have. Every now and again, I think to myself, how wonderful my support system is. I truly am surrounded by good people. It’s definitely a small support system, but the things they do are absolutely tremendous. Like this week, one of my friends knew my tween needed some extra attention and she texted me to see if she could take her to a movie and ice cream. She is one of the busiest people I know and she took time out just to spend time with my daughter. It amazes me at how fortunate I am to have such caring people in my life.
  2. I can’t function on three hours of sleep. So, I told you about Spending Time in the Friend Zone. That day was pretty awesome. However, I made the mistake of exceeding my caffeine limit (I had two giant $1 Cokes from McDonald’s and two regular Cokes at dinner) and stayed up WAY later than I normally do. Throw in the nighttime nursing toddler, and well - I got like three hours of sleep. I felt terrible the next morning. It was like I had a hangover but sans the alcohol. The rest of that day was a complete blur. While it was worth it, I am positive that will not be happening again. Ever.
  3. You can’t save some people. Ok. I know blogging means I need to have transparency. But, the story behind this, I can’t share. What I can share is this. At times, you will have someone reach out to you. They will hit you up for some advice or even to help them out. And because you care, you advise them what you think is best or even go out of your way to try and assist with the issue. Then for some reason, they go against everything you just told them to do, burying themselves deeper into the hole they just asked you to get them out of. It’s so hard to not hit them over the head. With a shovel. But, you have to step back and let them figure it out on their own. It sucks to do, but you have to.
  4. NetWERK. I’m not one for socializing at big events. In fact, at the theatre where I work, if there’s a function, you’ll see me standing behind the food table where I don’t have to speak too much (plus, food). Speaking in public definitely freaks me out. I’ll do it if I have to, but if given the choice…#nope. Since I’ve started my blog, I discovered that’s what you have to do to get connected. Fortunately, for me it’s mostly behind the computer screen (Today, I had a face to face. You’ll read more about that soon). But I enjoy it. I’m loving the blogger community and getting to know some of them.
  5. Stay grounded. This isn’t about “my head is getting big with conceit” things. It’s about remembering I’m not invincible. Financial, marital, health, children and life issues – the bad things that are happening around me can happen to me, too. Even though I feel like I’ve had my share of problems (and trust me, I’m not exaggerating here) centering and preparing myself as well as I can is the best defense against any obstacle I may come across.

In this life, we all get out what we put in. And the majority of the time, for me, I’m putting in my greatest effort. I’m working to be successful, but most importantly to be happy. Occasionally, I slip and a little bit of negative energy creeps in. Usually, because I didn’t stop and take a moment to be thankful for all the good things in my life. And honestly, grateful for the bad as well. Because you can’t appreciate the bad without the good, right?

And to be clear, don’t mistake that as an open invite for negative energy, people. #homiedontplaythat

How do you maintain the positive energy in your life?

Thomasina Guidry

From Southwest Michigan, Thomasina Guidry is a wife and mother to four children. She currently works part-time in theatre while devoting the rest of her time to her family and her writing.

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